Professional Photography that tells your story.

edt. Photography is a Brisbane based commercial photography service, capturing the images that bring your brand to life.


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How does the world see your brand?

Are you looking for food photography with bite?

Powerful product imagery that really speaks to your audience?

Or are you the main event, and ready to showcase who you are?

At edt. Photography, we specialise in bringing brands to life.

And we’re here to help connect yours with the world.

A complete photography service

No matter your product or service, edt. will showcase who you are and what you do.


Your brand, in action.

Showcasing who you are and what you do, these are the images that tell your story.


Your product, in motion.

Our photos bring your product to life, connecting your client directly with what you provide.


You, in real life.

We’ll make sure your face stands out from the crowd, in all the best ways.



Your food, reimagined.

Want people licking their screens? We’ll get the shots that will make your food look so good, they won’t be able to resist.

No stiff or stuffy portraits.

There’s no stiff or stuffy portraits here – at edt. we’re all about connecting your brand with the world, and having fun while we do it!

Where photography meets storytelling.

Providing fun, interactive commercial photography to engage your audience.

Capturing the images that bring your brand to life.

How it works

Step 1


Give us a call!

We promise we’re not even a little bit scary, and love hearing about you and your business.

We’re so excited to hear from you!

Step 2


We’ll discuss all the details, so you’ll feel confident knowing you’re going to end up with exactly the images you’re after.

Step 3


We make the magic happen!

We will guide and direct you through a fun, interactive photo shoot that captures your brand and tells your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions?
I’ve got answers!

What a great question! I’m glad you asked.

A headshot is a photo that shows people who you are.

It gives people a chance to meet you, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Branding photography, on the other hand, connects your audience more deeply with your brand and with your business.

It showcases who you are – but also what you do, and how you do it.

It’s your brand, in action.

Ahh, the possibilities are endless!

Your photos can take place absolutely anywhere (well, anywhere we can legally access!) that will accurately reflect you and your brand.

Maybe you want the photos taken in your workplace; or perhaps you’ve got a gorgeous cafe or outdoor setting in mind that you think would perfectly capture the vibe you’re looking for.

… but what if you’ve got no idea at all where the photos should happen?! That’s ok too!

At our initial consultation we’ll spend some time establishing exactly what will work for you and the story you’re wanting to tell, and we’ll be able to come up with a perfect location together, no worries.

The most important thing?
You should look like you.

The second most important thing?
You should feel fantastic!

I’ll help you work through the details when we chat, and I’ve got a few hints and tips that will make you look your absolute best!

(Did you know you should avoid wearing all black, or anything that has small, repeating patterns over it? No? Well, now you do! I told you I was full of handy hints!)

If you feel that having professional hair and makeup done prior to our session will help you shine, then you should absolutely go ahead and do that.

But if you’d feel comfortable with a more natural look? That’s perfect as well; your photos are going to look sensational either way!

I get it. I feel a bit nervous working with me sometimes, too!

Perhaps, like all of us at times, you’re a little bit uncomfortable having your photo taken.

Never fear, our sessions are designed to be loads of fun!

I am here to help bring out your authentic self, and that means you are going to absolutely shine in front of the camera.

(Seriously, my dad jokes never fail!)

Or maybe, you’ve worked with a photographer previously who didn’t accurately capture the essence of your brand. And you don’t want that to happen again.

I am here to help.

I will listen to you and I will trust in your expert knowledge of your brand; I will use that expertise to design and guide a shoot that will achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Together, we will make this an experience that doesn’t hurt one bit. Promise.

When we first begin chatting, I’ll ask you some questions about exactly how you’ll be using your photos.

  • Are they going to be for social media?
  • Used for your website?
  • Or are they images for print?

Knowing the ways you’re planning to use your photos, will help guide me in making sure I capture you and your brand in the best way possible.

Let's talk about your brand

Your business is worth getting excited about! At edt. — every image captures your story. Let’s tell it together.