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What to wear to your photoshoot.

“What should I wear to my photoshoot?”

This is the number one question I am asked before a shoot and I’m sure it’s on your mind as we get ready to capture you.

I’m sure I’m not alone in looking at my wardrobe, wondering if there’s something in there that is the perfect outfit, or who debates going and buying something brand new.

While I can give some advice, it is definitely not my field of expertise. So I reached out to colour and style consultant Ann Whitaker from Ann Whitaker Style to get some advice to get you ready and looking fabulous for your photoshoot (and in day to day life too!).

Ann’s tips include:

  1. Wear the things you love and the things that people say that looks so good on you!
  2. Do some trial and error with colours. Find the colours that make you look healthy, your eyes sparkle and make your skin look even.
  3. Take photos of yourself in those colours to see how they look on you before the photoshoot
  4. Only one colour suits EVERYONE – true red, not black (which may surprise a few people).
  5. Black can be very harsh, especially as we get older.
  6. Don’t become a different version of you for the photos! You want the people who meet you to immediately recognise the person they’ve seen in photos.
  7. Think about who the audience is for the photos, and tailor what you wear accordingly. Is it for a professional headshot for LinkedIn? Or do you want a more relaxed image of yourself to present to clients.

Let me know if these tips help! And of course, if you ever need extra help please reach out to me, or consider engaging a colour consultant such as Ann to personalise this advice for you!

You can reach Ann at www.annwhitaker.com.au


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