The Real ROI of High-Quality Construction Photography for Small Businesses

A photograph of a man in high vis and a hard hat leaning against a bench using a drop saw on a building site. The saw is kicking up dust.

In the world of construction, where every detail and every line matters, how you present your work can make all the difference. It’s a common concern for many small business owners in the construction sector: does investing in high-quality photography really pay off, or is it just an unnecessary extravagance? Let’s dive into this topic […]

What to wear to your photoshoot.

“What should I wear to my photoshoot?” This is the number one question I am asked before a shoot and I’m sure it’s on your mind as we get ready to capture you. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking at my wardrobe, wondering if there’s something in there that is the perfect outfit, or […]

Lifestyle photography for business

Click. You’re in the middle of meeting with important clients and look over to see the lifestyle photographer clicking away in the corner. That’s how lifestyle photography works. Right? Lifestyle photography is a term you’ve probably heard used. But have you thought about what it actually is? Or whether you can use it in your […]

The future of corporate photography

Emerging trends and technologies to watch out for Think back 10 years. Could you have predicted the current trends and technologies we see today with corporate photography? Think about the changes we have seen in the way businesses use photography to promote their brand, products, and services in just that short space of time. In […]

How to get the best professional headshot

A great professional headshot is more important than ever as so much of our interaction with colleagues and clients moves online. Gone are the days of having a snapshot taken by the intern at work or an iPhone snap by your partner, rather the photos should reflect who you are, come across as friendly and […]