How to use your branding photos

You’ve gone to the effort of getting beautiful branding photos, they’re exactly what you were hoping for and now you can just toss them up onto social media and the leads will start rolling in.


Not quite.

I wish I could say that was the case, but the truth it there’s more to having photography as a part of your business strategy than using the photos randomly over your platforms.

Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Use your images consistently

What does that mean?

It means use them across all your channels to create a consistent image of you and your brand.

An excellent example of this is my client, Value Learning, it doesn’t matter where you go, their online presence looks consistent, both with their brand colours and the images we took.

Update photos on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, heck, your Clubhouse profile (does that even exist anymore?).

And it doesn’t have to be the same image.

We’ve worked hard in your shoot to get a range of images that have a consistent look and you can use a range of them across your platforms.

For example, my website has one image of me sitting against a wall without a camera. I’ve done this because I don’t need to reinforce what I do on my website. Hopefully by the time you get to my website and my About Me section you know I’m a photographer.

On the other hand, my LinkedIn has a different one of me with a camera because at a quick glance someone can see that I’m a photographer.

And that’s absolutely fine, they’re all the same high-quality images from my own branding shoot, not a selfie or a cropped out image from my engagement phot shoot (yes I was guilty of that once upon a time!).

Update your website!

I can’t emphasise this enough. We’re all guilty of building beautiful websites (and sometimes spending a small fortune to do so!) then ignoring them for months…or even years!

Having your branding photos done is the perfect opportunity to give it a bit of a zjoosh and help your clients connect with you a bit more.

Sensei, above, used their images really effectively, with their brand colour to show the real people behind their brand instead of stock photos.

Don’t use the photos all at once on social media.

Have a look at Erin from Ascendant Property, she’s nailed using her images from our branding shoot.

A beautiful instagram grid with lovely properties in neutral tones. Scattered in are images of the owner from a branding shoot done by edt Photography

Scattered in between beautiful images of dream properties and gorgeous interiors are photos we took during her shoot.

Doing it like this builds trust with her audience so they can get to know the human behind the business while keeping it clear that she is an interior designer and the style of interiors you can expect when you work with her.

As much as I want you to use all your images, there’s nothing worse than posting 20 beautiful images then running out. Mix in selfies or photos of your day to day, maybe a quote or a photo of your dog. Your clients will love seeing the real life, but your professional images mixed in consistently will reinforce your brand and who you are.


Don’t be afraid to reuse the same image on social media.

Not using all your images at once doesn’t mean never use them again. Don’t use the same image straight away.

But after once you’ve posted 15 or more images, you can no longer see the last use of the image on Instagram so it won’t look repetitive. Repurposing photos with new content is a great way to maximum bang for you buck with the photos we take.


And these are just a few ideas. Branding images are fantastic to have in your back pocket for that next speaking engagement, project or event.

To organise your own brand shoot, get in touch with Emma from edt. Photography.

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